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  • Mahmood  Khalid Aled
    Mahmood Khalid Aled
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    Ahmed Esaam
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    Fadi Hasan
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  • Peter
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    Ahmed Suleman jumaa
  • Robert Lbraham
    Robert Lbraham
  • Yahya Abdo Kalaf
    Yahya Abdo Kalaf
  • Bakre Ahmed Obeed
    Bakre Ahmed Obeed
  • Fathi Ali Makora
    Fathi Ali Makora
  • Alla
  • Zalnab Mahamed Karnabi
    Zalnab Mahamed Karnabi

Name of Missing / Found: Jarmo
Age of Missing: 57

Missing of address: Värnamo
Country lost: Sweden
Date of last contact: Sep 2017
Eyes color :
Hair color:
Gender of Missing: Male


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