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  • Zuhair Rahman
    Zuhair Rahman
  • Mohamed Samh Alzukby
    Mohamed Samh Alzukby
  • Tasneem Maher Aldakre
    Tasneem Maher Aldakre
  • Omar Hasan alahmed
    Omar Hasan alahmed
  • Mickel
  • Mahmood Hanan
    Mahmood Hanan
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    Fadi Hasan
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  • Randa Salam Khatar
    Randa Salam Khatar
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    Muhamed Atta Alhasan
  • Alla Alfyhan
    Alla Alfyhan
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    Ahmed Esaam
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    Farid Abdo
  • Hassan Khalil Moya
    Hassan Khalil Moya
  • Lubna Almahaene
    Lubna Almahaene
  • Ahmed Kassm
    Ahmed Kassm
  • Issa Alawad
    Issa Alawad
  • Muhamed abdu all
    Muhamed abdu all
  • Ahmed Alassam
    Ahmed Alassam

Name of Missing / Found: Louis
Age of Missing: 24

Missing of address: Norrbotten
Country lost: Sweden
Date of last contact: 24July 2017
Eyes color :
Hair color:
Gender of Missing: Male


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