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  • Mohmad Al tahame
    Mohmad Al tahame
  • Muslim Muhamed
    Muslim Muhamed
  • Abbas Wessman Alkafaji
    Abbas Wessman Alkafaji
  • Abdul wahed Alilewi
    Abdul wahed Alilewi
  • Ahmed Ahmed Hugazi
    Ahmed Ahmed Hugazi
  • Mahmud Salman Algubory
    Mahmud Salman Algubory
  • Othman Alkatrani
    Othman Alkatrani
  • Mohamed Alkabra
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  • Jamela Alhabosh
    Jamela Alhabosh
  • Khirat Abd Alrahman
    Khirat Abd Alrahman
  • Khalil Ibrahim Alobaidi
    Khalil Ibrahim Alobaidi
  • Fadi Hasan
    Fadi Hasan
  • Amer Badee Rashid
    Amer Badee Rashid
  • Ayad Omar Barakat
    Ayad Omar Barakat
  • Ibrahem Samer Alshalby
    Ibrahem Samer Alshalby
  • Mohamed Ali Mahfooth
    Mohamed Ali Mahfooth
  • Badeaa Shakhashero
    Badeaa Shakhashero
  • Abduallah Ali
    Abduallah Ali
  • Maher Ahmed Farhan
    Maher Ahmed Farhan
  • Muthar Alismail
    Muthar Alismail

Name of Missing / Found: Christer
Age of Missing: 56

Missing of address: Göteborg
Country lost: Sweden
Date of last contact: 1okt 2017
Eyes color :
Hair color:
Gender of Missing: Male


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