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  • Mohamed Kenan Enkeshae
    Mohamed Kenan Enkeshae
  • Mohamed Sarry basha
    Mohamed Sarry basha
  • Anower AliAwth
    Anower AliAwth
  • Haithm Hameed Bedoor
    Haithm Hameed Bedoor
  • Shahatha nazal
    Shahatha nazal
  • Christer
  • Othman Alkatrani
    Othman Alkatrani
  • Jone khano
    Jone khano
  • Nader Abduallah Alnazal
    Nader Abduallah Alnazal
  • Zuhair Rahman
    Zuhair Rahman
  • Marcus
  • Khalid Alhamidi
    Khalid Alhamidi
  • Marwan  Rathwan Daioob
    Marwan Rathwan Daioob
  • Abdul hameed bekeet
    Abdul hameed bekeet
  • Abualrahman sumaida
    Abualrahman sumaida
  • Waseem Almajle
    Waseem Almajle
  • Huda hado
    Huda hado
  • Salah Farag
    Salah Farag
  • Abdul wahed Alilewi
    Abdul wahed Alilewi
  • Karl Axel
    Karl Axel

Name of Missing / Found: Alla
Age of Missing: 41

Missing of address: Malmö
Country lost: Sweden
Date of last contact: Okt 2016
Eyes color :
Hair color:
Gender of Missing: Male


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