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  • Abdu alla Albera
    Abdu alla Albera
  • Talal Hussein
    Talal Hussein
  • Ahmed Rayath
    Ahmed Rayath
  • Ahmed Ali Hamed
    Ahmed Ali Hamed
  • Ayad Omar Barakat
    Ayad Omar Barakat
  • Khalil Ibrahim Alobaidi
    Khalil Ibrahim Alobaidi
  • Badeaa Shakhashero
    Badeaa Shakhashero
  • Abduallah Ali
    Abduallah Ali
  • Muhamed Hameed
    Muhamed Hameed
  • Mohamed Mustafa Khuther
    Mohamed Mustafa Khuther
  • Aws Retha Ali Bader
    Aws Retha Ali Bader
  • Mohamed Mohamed Jeneed
    Mohamed Mohamed Jeneed
  • Kulae Suliman
    Kulae Suliman
  • Belal Aljalda
    Belal Aljalda
  • Muhamed Nory
    Muhamed Nory
  • Muhaned Nory Khashaba
    Muhaned Nory Khashaba
  • Muthar Alismail
    Muthar Alismail
  • Ludvig
  • Ingmar
  • Ahmed saed alomary
    Ahmed saed alomary

About us



Wikimissing Group is a religiously and politically independent organization that funded by donations. We are caring and highly trained staff and volunteers working in collaboration with partners across the world. For those left behind, we provide specialised support to end the heartache and confusion. When disaster strikes around the world, as tsunamis and civil conflict our organization is a big help to let people find their missing loved ones 


Wikimissing Group works in many broad areas:

1- Report missing or found people/pets.
2- View missing or found people/pets.
3- Visit the affected areas to gather information
    about missing people.

4- Contact aid organizations.
5- Contact police in emergency.
6- Contact the missing/found´s relatives.


Wikimissing Group is registered charity No: 802461-8590
Jaktstigen 6
178 34  Ekerö 
Stockholm – Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)70 422 22 14 
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Chairman: Sufyan Al-Kazraji

Writer and Professionell photographer, Stockholm - Sweden






Vice Chairman: Faisal N. Obaidi

Associate Professor at Al-Mustansyria University, Baghdad- Iraq






Secretary:  Lisa Jenson

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